Relaxation is the ultimate destination


Dear Friends and Family
KLY means "relax" in Thai. We can't imagine a more fitting home for a hotel that invites guests to "stay chilled" and relaxation is the ultimate destination. KLY comes to life in the Land of Smiles, where taking it easy is a way of life. "Sabai Sabai" is the cry.


HANGOUT by KLY is the byword of what young travelers are looking for. Not just a place to stay, but a happening spaces that offer a vivacious and dynamic atmosphere.
Meet, mix, mingle and chill...
Make everyday an adventure in our relaxed and fun spaces. 

Pillars we rest on.
Values we live by.

Straight talk. Listeners. Doers. KLY up close & personal.


Connect to KLY and enter a world where work and play intimately co-exist. Seamless free wifi throughout the hotel, touches of art to inspire and a like-minded network of doers, succeeders and content creators.


Concentrate on the task at hand in conducive & convivial co-working spaces. Guest rooms are shaped to the needs of today’s millennial mobile class stock with gourmet comfort cuisine. Work + Play hard. Live life like it’s always opening night.


All work and no play makes for dull boys and girls. KLY believes the down time and the fun time is also worth doing properly. We believe so strongly in the serious business of relaxation that we named our hotel after the Thai word for just that.

We Care

KLY is not a charity, although we do believe in giving back. We won’t blow smoke or sugar coat - we are a business and we want to make a buck. But we are also a brand, made from human beings. It’s not all about the money, honey. We’re good people. You’re good people. Roll your eyes but we’re going to say it anyway: We care. So there.

We Listen

You have a voice, an opinion, and a life. Sometimes what matters most is just being heard. Modern life is frustration. Modern travel causes more. Arrive in better shape? Yeah right. We know the road is long, winding and sometimes hard. Had a bad day? We can’t prom- ise to solve your problem, but we’ll hear you out and do our best. How does that sound?

We Act

Which is not to say we put on an act. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Hos- pitality doesn’t always have a Hollywood ending. We are doers by nature. Happiness is rolling up our sleeves and taking care of business. Our mantra: Get it done. That means more time for fun.


The hospitality industry is ever-changing and to succeed in this competitive landscape you need to be able to differentiate your product from the rest. With Hangout by KLY you can take advantage of a strong brand culture, industry leading best practices and strong and dedicated operational support to ensure you are the path to success.

Hangout by KLY aims to disrupt the market they establish themselves in by offering, a fun and sleek design, superior personalized service and excellent value to its guests.